Andy Brumenschenkel
“Founder – Brewer”


He’ll most likely be found in the little dungeon that we call a brewery, Or enjoying a cold beer with our great customers. If he happens to be behind the bar double check your order as he’s not the best at this beer-slinging concept!

Amy Brumenschenkel
“Number One”

Amy ImageIs there really any more to say than “Number One”

Sam Brumenschenkel
“Employee Of The Month”

Sam Image

It’s not often that you’ll walk into the taproom and not see Sam behind the bar. Migrated to Colorado to help get the brewery up and running and just keeps coming back for more. It’s either a snowboard in Winter or climbing gear in Summer, but don’t expect to find him around spring or fall because he’s probably tromping through South/Central America with his surfboard strapped on.

Brian Nichols

Brian is a Colorado native and a proud local craft beer drinker. As the oldest member of the Hideaway Park Brewery Family, he brings wisdom, sarcastic old man jokes, and selective hearing to the team. He may ask you twice what you ordered, but he is happy to pour you a tall cold one if you ask him…twice.


Tyler Henderson
“Professional Rookie”

Tyler can most often be found behind the bar… or washing kegs… or slinging beers behind the bar… or just enjoying a cold beer.