2016 – 2017 Mug Club Starts Opening Day

For everyone that got a chance to reserve a mug for last year, and for those who just barely missed out, the time is nearly now to get those mugs for next year. Mugs will go on sale the opening day of the Winter Park Resort (currently slated for November 16th). This year will be first come first serve, so stop by the taproom and get yours quick. All mugs this year are being made by a local Fraser Valley artisan, “McNamee Made”.




  • Cost will be $65 for the year
  • First beer filled in your mug is free
  • You will choose your mug and it will stay in the taproom for the year, once the Winter Park Resort opens for the 2017-2018 season you will get to take your mug home and enjoy it there.
  • Every beer you will get a larger pour (mugs range from 16-20 ounces) and you will receive $1 off of every pint ordered.
  • We will have added mug-club appreciation events throughout the year (details to follow)
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis: Mugs are worth $30, so membership only costs $35 for the year. If you drink 3 beers a week than you save over $100 a year. Well that and the fact that these mugs are badass!!



As you all know we are extremely tight on space in the taproom (that includes storage). The mugs from the 2015-2016 season are available to pick up. Once the new mugs go up on the wall, there will be limited storage for the old ones. Help us out and come grab your mug now – we will still hook you up until the next round starts!



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